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Our Children

Our kids are a vital part of our lives. The objective of the children’s ministry at the Vineyard is to assist parents in bringing their children into a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaching them both by example and by instruction to be like Him.

Commonly Asked Questions:

Where do I take my children when we arrive at the church? Children who are infants through 3 years of age have classrooms that are located down the hallway on the right side of the lobby as you enter the building. Children who are 4-years-old through the 5th grade have classrooms located down the hallway on the left.

What do I need to do to check my child into a classroom? Starting fifteen minutes prior to any service, you may simply go to the check-in stations in the lobby and a volunteer at the desk will happily greet you and help your child feel welcome. Parents are encouraged to come into the rooms with their children at any time.

What can my child expect to experience? The kids can expect to have fun with their friends learning amazing things from the Bible. (We begin the process of teaching the children about Jesus Christ when they are infants.) They will play with adults who love to listen to them as well as help the children know how deeply they are loved by God.

How can I know that my child will be safe at church? At each check-in location, a trained and careful adult will greet your child. We keep the teacher to student ratio small so that we can know each child by name and watch over them carefully. All of the classroom teachers are screened and trained in appropriate and safe behavior with the children.

How will I know if my child needs me? At the time of check-in both the parent and his/her child will be assigned a code. If you are needed by your child, you will see that code on the digital displays at the front of the lobby.


Teaching kids at the Vineyard can be a wonderful investment into our future as well as being fun and satisfying
If you would like to talk with someone about getting involved,please contact our Children’s Pastor, Michelle Miller.