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What is worship like at the Vineyard?

Worship at the Vineyard  combines modern music with the truths of God to provide an atmosphere where we are comfortable relating to God in a way that we’re familiar with. We sing and play loudly and passionately because we love God in a very personal way. Worship is a core value to us and so you will find that we include it in our weekend services, our community groups, and our special events.

Worship Experience

During our Worship Experience events, we’ll provide a venue where you’ll have opportunity to connect with God through music, art, prayer, writing, visuals, and whatever other creative way we can find. Each event will be different as we explore new and fresh ways to meet with a loving God who spared no expense to meet with us. Let’s have fun as we take each journey to see where we’ll find God in this space.

If you’re new to worship, this is a perfect opportunity to find ways in which you and God can explore your relationship together. Just like in real life, some things work, and some don’t. We hope you’ll find some things that work well for you.

Please check our calendar or program for upcoming dates.